We provide legal services in property, finance and business matters as well as practical and commercial legal advice in all areas of commercial and property law.


Quorum Business Lawyers have been providing thoughtful, considered and precise advice for over twenty-five years. We understand that every request for advice comes from a business with a different culture, with different priorities and a different objective in seeking that advice. Our aim is to quickly gauge what is important to you so that we can provide tailored advice that is precise and easy for you to understand.


We are experts in providing practical and commercial legal advice in a number of areas, including:

  • Property acquisition and development strategy;
  • Business and corporate structuring; and
  • Transaction finance.



Quorum Business Lawyers have over twenty-five years of experience supporting businesses in advisory and transaction services. We pride ourselves in understanding our clients’ businesses and respect the trust that several long-standing clients continue to place in us to provide them with practical and commercial solutions.


We specialise in:

  • Business and Corporate Structuring;
  • Business and Company Acquisition and Sale;
  • Business Funding;
  • All Contractual Drafting Requirements, including trade and supply contracts, employment and contractor service agreements and franchise arrangements; and
  • Partnership, Joint Venture and Shareholder Agreements.



Quorum Business Lawyers have almost thirty years of experience in property and infrastructure law in New South Wales.


We can help you with the process of general sale or acquisition of all types of property (including commercial, retail, industrial and residential).


With substantial experience in large scale development work, Quorum Business Lawyers can assist you with industrial, commercial and residential property developments, including land acquisition, banking, construction funding, leasing (including pre-leasing), satisfying local council requirements, pre-sales and institutional or other sales.


We can also assist you with your leasing needs, whether from the point of view of a landlord or tenant and whether for commercial, retail or industrial property.



Quorum Business Lawyers are well-versed in all areas of Development Funding including:

  • Land Acquisition Funding
  • Construction Funding;
  • Corporate Refinancing; and
  • Structuring and Corporate Capital Funding.